Training that puts safety first

Quadraplegics and hemiplegics face recurring medical problems due to their immobility. Regular standing training can help prevent or reduce some of those symptoms.

The clever engineering on this table provides support and security at all times for the user, keeping each training session effortless and leaving the entire upper body able to move freely.
The simple closures as well as the hip and knee pads need only a brief period of acclimation before they can be used to train independently.

The table surface is large enough to read a newspaper.



Height adjustable between 95-120 cm

Hip pads can be infinitely adjusted

Locking safety belts

Ergonomic and adjustable height knee pad, infinitely variable

Adjustable hip pad

Standard frame colour: black

Weight approx. 25 kg

Standing means:

Positive impact on the psyche through the sense of an "overview"

Circulation training

Decubital prophylaxis through relief of skin sections threatened by sitting

Stimulation of intestinal mechanisms through upright positioning


Lateral pelottes

Heel holder with guide

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